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AZG integrated cabinet, AZX integrated box
source:管理员 time:2018-10-20

  1.1 Overview

  AZG and AZX integrated cabinets (boxes) are mainly used for AC rated voltages of AC400V and below. They are a complete set of equipment that can be used for branch power distribution, load metering, equipment control and protection, and status monitoring. The equipment cooperates with the energy consumption monitoring system to use the computer, background monitoring management software and network communication technology to connect the information collected by the electrical equipment such as lighting, air conditioning and electric motor through the network to form a unified platform control component to realize the whole use. Monitoring and management of electrical systems.

  1.2 Implementation standards

  l GB 7251.12-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 1"

  l GB 7251.3-2006 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 3"

  l JB/T3752.1-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment product model preparation method"

  l GBT 22764.1-2008 "Low-voltage cabinets - Part 1: General specification"

  l GB50171-2012 "Code for construction and acceptance of electrical installation equipment, cabinets and secondary circuit connection lines"

  l GB 4208-2008 "Shell protection level (IP code)"

  l GB9466.1-1998 "Basic Experimental Methods for Low Voltage Switchgear"

  1.3 Product Features

  1.3.1 The cabinet (box) body is assembled by partial welding of cold-rolled steel sheets, featuring light weight and high strength. The cabinet (box) body and its components are all galvanized or electrostatically sprayed, and the coating is uniform and beautiful and corrosion resistant;

  1.3.2 According to the needs of users, the corresponding cabinet (box) body can be designed to meet the needs of different users;

  1.3.3 cabinet (box) body can be modularized according to function, which provides convenience for users to install different modular components and add and modify.

  1.3.4 cabinet (box) body can be configured with data acquisition function and standard communication interface to realize remote real-time monitoring and computer network management;

  1.4 Technical parameters

  1.4.1 AZG technical parameters

  1.4.2 AZX技术参数

  1.5 Dimensions

  1.5.1 AZG Dimensions

  1.5.2 AZX Dimensions

  1.6 Model Description

  1.6.1 AZG Model Description

  1.6.2 AZX Model Description

  1.7 应用领域

  1.7.1 工厂

  1.7.2 School

  1.7.3 Residential Area

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