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AGF10R-DE Series Rail Type DC Energy Meter
source:管理员 time:2018-10-23

  1 Overview

  The AGF10R-DE series of rail-type DC energy meters are designed for applications such as telecommunication base stations, DC charging piles, and solar photovoltaics. The series meters measure voltage, current, power, and forward and reverse power in DC systems. At the actual use site, the total electrical energy can be measured, and the electrical energy for a specified period of time can be measured. The test results can be used for local display, and can be connected with industrial control equipment and computers to form a measurement and control system. The instrument can have infrared communication interface and RS-485 communication interface, and supports Modbus-RTU protocol and DLT645-97 (07) protocol; it can be equipped with relay alarm output and digital input function; according to different requirements, through the instrument panel buttons, the change Ratio, alarm, communication settings; with switching event record (Modbus protocol), programming and event setting record (645 protocol), data transient and timing freeze function (645 protocol), voltage and current power maximum, minimum value recording function.

  2, product specifications

  3, technical parameters

  Pulse constant:

  Maximum power = rated voltage * voltage ratio * current ratio * 1.2

  4, the installation guide

  4.1 Shape and installation dimensions

  4.1.2 Product Installation

  Standard DIN35mm rail mounting

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