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Energy monitoring system function module technology?
source:管理员 time:2018-10-12

  Key issues addressed by the energy monitoring system: Provide a comprehensive and scientific energy monitoring decision analysis system platform for enterprises and national government energy regulatory authorities. To make enterprises save energy and organic "energy saving and emission reduction" work, through statistical analysis and comparison of basic data of energy consumption, deepen the root cause of energy consumption, and through the industry mathematical model for data mining, energy efficiency optimization application, and thus help The energy monitoring department explores the possibilities and prerequisites for the best energy-saving route.

  Technology Trends: The technology development trend of energy monitoring system products is highly networked, platformized, real-time and integrated with handheld mobile terminals.



  Energy consumption monitoring:

  The module realizes real-time monitoring of various energy consumption data of the office building and provides a friendly human-computer interaction interface. Graphical display of polymorphism, including graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, and more. Real-time energy consumption data of the units under its jurisdiction can be monitored according to the authority of different regions and units. The monitoring department can monitor real-time energy usage in real time through the client browser.

  Data collector:

  Energy consumption data collector, transmission communication speed 1 time per second, accuracy, 0.2s level. Water, electricity, gas, and heat data can be collected to support breakpoint systems. The system function module satisfies the real-time monitoring, measurement, data benchmarking, report printing, and data deep mining application of energy consumption data, establishes the mathematical model of optimal energy consumption under different environments and working conditions, and guides the application of energy-saving technology transformation.

  The data collected by the automatic collection method of the collector includes building classification energy consumption data and itemized energy consumption data. All energy calculation devices have an intelligent communication interface based on RS485 bus.

  Wired collection method:

  The actual signal transmission distance between the measuring instrument and the data collector is within 800 meters, and the measuring instrument and the collector are linked by means of shielded twisted pair. The cable is beyond 800 meters and the cable can be laid between the measuring instrument and the collector. The data collector collects the real-time data of each meter in real time through the RS485 interface, and then transmits it to the data relay station or the data center in real time through the transmission mode of TCP/IP.

  Wireless collection method:

  The communication between the measuring instrument and the collector cannot be transmitted by wire, and all are transmitted by wireless GPRS.

  Energy monitoring system features:

  Monitoring of the operating status of the main equipment of the energy system;

  Centralized control, operation, adjustment and parameter setting of the main equipment of the energy system;

  Achieve comprehensive balance, rational distribution, and optimal scheduling of energy systems;

  Abnormal, fault and accident handling;

  Basic energy management;

  Real-time short-term archiving, database archiving and instant query of energy flow data.

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