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What are the effects of the intelligent lighting control system in the installation?
source:管理员 time:2018-10-12

  Today's intelligent lighting control systems basically have a variety of different effects. From the current situation, such a technology, all used in the actual installation process are some new electronic technology, and they can be in each Installation in different scene areas can even bring about the most direct use mode. From the current situation, various lighting scenes can be activated according to the usage rules of lighting, and the adjustment effect on the lights can also be made. The lights do not work at full load, so that a good use effect, and they will have a variety of different modes of use during the actual use.



  At present, in the process of actual use, the intelligent lighting control system will use a variety of different lighting colors, as well as different brightness and brightness to create a three-dimensional sense, and even better to create a sense of layering, different The atmosphere of the color environment is also different. They can give visitors a very comfortable environment, which allows them to create an artistic appreciation. Even in the entire control system, they are equipped with traditional lamps for processing and use. And they have different frequencies flashing. Of course, the flashing of this frequency will completely irritate the staff and visitors, and may even make them tired, so this is the original one. Working state, but after the emergence of the intelligent lighting control system, the whole photoelectron ballast can be operated at a very high frequency by adjusting the method, thereby overcoming the frequency flicker and effectively eliminating the photoelectric brightness. Stability, providing the public with a healthy and comfortable environment, will also improve in a short time Display of results.



   In the process of actual use of the intelligent lighting control system, all of them are arranged by various different conditions, and a common line is used as the bus tuning of the whole control, and the system units of each input and output in the system are connected. Together, a large area for comprehensive transportation, but at the same time they can directly come to the street-related lighting fixtures in the process of actual output, there is no need to go through the switch, and in the process of installation, there must be A variety of other factors to consider, can install some unnecessary things, after the entire system is installed, will be fully set up through a variety of different software, even the address code of each unit module is also different, can be more A good control relationship is established between the corresponding areas, and it is also possible to systematically connect various output cables between the output unit and the load. Compared with the conventional control method, they can save a large number of desired switches. Cables, and can also shorten the construction time of these installations, so that Good to save labor costs.

  In many cases, these intelligent lighting control systems basically adopt some international trends, modern normative techniques for processing, effective separation between strength and weakness, and they all use effective between ceiling and wall. Control, remote control from the guest and the management through the computer, let people touch some safe weak electricity, better to avoid security risks.


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