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Introduction to the application of electrical fire monitoring system
source:管理员 time:2018-10-12

  With the continuous development of the modern medical industry, a variety of medical equipment is increasing, and these medical equipments invisibly increase the probability of causing fires. Therefore, the medical industry attaches importance to the prevention of electrical fires. Therefore, the installation and use of electrical fire monitoring systems in the medical industry is becoming more and more common. Since the equipment of the hospital is generally the primary load and the secondary load, the load that is likely to cause fire should be installed with the electrical fire monitoring system. So what are the requirements for the medical industry in the application of electrical fire monitoring systems?


  1. Monitoring system detectors should be installed on the incoming and outgoing lines of the main distribution room of one member. Of course, we should set reasonable alarm current and voltage according to the different monitoring positions;

  2. When the electrical fire monitoring system monitors abnormalities such as current, voltage and temperature in hospital lines and medical equipment, the sound and light alarm signal should be sent to the distribution duty room for timely processing by the hospital duty personnel;


  3. The distribution box of each floor of the hospital also needs to install the detector of the monitoring system, so that all the circuits and equipment of the whole hospital are transmitted by the detectors to the monitoring system host step by step;

  4. The fire alarm linkage function of the electrical fire monitoring system in the medical industry. When someone presses the fire alarm button, the system can timely transmit the information to the power distribution monitoring room, which is convenient for the hospital duty personnel to discover and dispose of the fire in time.


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