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ANHPD300 Series Harmonic Protector
source:管理员 time:2018-10-20

  1 Overview

  With the rapid development of China's industry, a large number of nonlinear and impact loads have been widely used in low-voltage 0.4KV systems. Some emerging power electronic equipment, such as UPS, new energy inverters, and traction power supplies for electrified railways, etc. These non-linear and impact load applications can have a negative impact on the safe, reliable and stable operation of the grid. At the same time, it is widely used in electronic computers, precision medical instruments, microprocessors and other digital electronic devices. These electrical devices have high requirements on the harmonic quality of power supplies, and the damage to power quality of power electronic devices, especially Higher harmonics, when encountering higher harmonics, often run program errors, data errors, time errors, crashes, silent restarts, and even permanent damage.

  The harmonic protector can absorb high-frequency harmonics, suppress and absorb the interference of random high-order harmonics, high-frequency noise, pulse spikes and surge generated by the electric equipment, filter out voltage spike clutter, and correct the cause. Distortion of the voltage waveform caused by harmonics, digestion and absorption of harmonic noise, to prevent false tripping of the protection device. It guarantees the normal operation of the electrical equipment and can be used simultaneously with the ANAPF series of active power filters to provide perfect power quality.

  2 Model Description

  3 Technical parameters

  4 Features

  ●Special circuit using ultra-micro crystals;

  ● Absorb harmonic interference of various energies from 3KHz to 30MHz, eliminating high harmonics, high frequency noise, and pulse

  ● Interferences such as spikes and surges to correct voltage and current waveforms;

  ● Reduce the failure rate of power equipment and machine misoperation, fully overcome the interference caused by high frequency harmonic pollution, and ensure the safe operation of equipment;

  ● The device itself consumes almost no power and is extremely economical;

  ● Reasonable structure design, simple wiring and convenient installation.

  5 Application areas

  ● Airport/Stadium: EIB dimming system, main control room, and broadcasting system.

  ●Hospital: ICU (severe intensive care unit), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), operating room IT isolated power supply, medical imaging room, radiotherapy department.

  ●School/Institute: Precision Instrument Laboratory, Computer Room, Network Center.

  ● Telecom room / bank: large data center, security system.

  ●Factory: PLC, computer equipment control, high-precision CNC center, DCS system for production line.

  ● Theater/TV station: stage dimming equipment, computer control system, LED large screen, etc.

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