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AGF-T perforated photovoltaic collection device
source:管理员 time:2018-10-23

  1 Overview

  The AGF-T perforated photovoltaic confluence collecting device is specially applied to the intelligent photovoltaic combiner box for monitoring the operating state of the panel in the photocell array, the string current measurement, the arrester state collection in the combiner box, the DC breaker state acquisition, and the device. With RS485 interface, the measured and collected data and device status can be uploaded.

  2 model description

  Note: The power supply filter module is only used when there is additional filtering requirement for the power supply.

  3 product features

  ◆ Photovoltaic battery string open circuit alarm, can be combined with string voltage for comprehensive judgment

  ◆ With 3-way switch status monitoring, it is used to collect DC empty circuit breaker, lightning arrester and other output empty contact status

  ◆ RS485 interface, Modbus-RTU communication protocol, communication address, baud rate, data mode can be set freely

  ◆ Can be equipped with Chinese LCD display module for convenient parameter setting and data query

  4 technical parameters

  5 wiring method

  6 dimensions

  Power module and power supply filter module size

  Expansion module installation size

  Confluence module installation size

  8-way convergence acquisition module installation size

  4-way confluence acquisition module installation size

  LCD module installation size

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