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APM series power quality and harmonic instruments support Ethernet interface
source:管理员 time:2018-10-23

  1 Overview

  Ankerui Electric APM series network power meters are network power meters designed according to IEC standards and synchronized with international advanced technology. It has functions such as full power measurement, energy statistics, power quality analysis and network communication, and is mainly used for comprehensive monitoring of power supply quality of the power grid. This series of instruments adopts modular design, with rich external DI/DO module, AI/AO module, SD expansion card event recording (SOE) module and network communication module, which can flexibly realize electric circuit full power measurement and switch status monitoring. The dual RS485 and Ethernet interfaces cooperate to realize data copying of the RS485 master station, eliminating the need for a data switch. The PROFIBUS-DP interface enables high-speed data transmission and networking functions.

  2, product model

  3, product features

  This series of instruments is designed according to IEC standards (IEC60068-2, IEC 61000-4, IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-22, etc.).

  It integrates basic electrical parameter measurement, energy statistics, demand statistics, extreme value recording, alarm recording, SOE event recording and other functions.

  Power quality analysis, real-time analysis of unbalance and phase voltage, total harmonic content of current, odd and even harmonic content, fractional (2-63 times) harmonic content.

  The first RS485 interface supports the Modbus-RTU protocol and the DL/T 645 (2007) protocol. The second RS485 interface can be extended as a Modbus master station. It can be used as a simple serial port server with an Ethernet interface.

  Scalable Ethernet interface, support Modbus-TCP, HTTP, and DHCP protocols to implement Ethernet networking.

  The Profibus interface is expandable and supports the profibus protocol for high-speed communication needs.

  Scalable SD card storage module, which can support up to 32G, support alarm record and event record extended storage, support timing recording of electrical parameters and energy data, and facilitate operation and maintenance analysis.

  Protection level IP52.

  Pass the EMC test (severe grade 4).

  4, function description

  5, technical parameters

  6, installation size

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