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Ankeri Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Ankeri Electric Co., Ltd. [Stock Code: 300286.SZ] is one of the few advanced enterprises in China which provides intelligent power monitoring, power management, electrical safety and other systematic solutions for smart grid users.

Since its establishment in June 2003, the company has focused on the research, development, application, production and sales of smart power meters on the client side. It is committed to providing users with 35(10)/0.4 kV substation automation system, building photovoltaic power generation system, power quality control system, power sub-metering system, electrical fire monitoring system, medical IT distribution system, data center energy consumption monitoring system, communication base. Power management system of power station, power monitoring system of fire fighting equipment, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system, fire door monitoring system, intelligent lighting system, lithium battery management system, electric vehicle charging system and other products and services can improve customer power efficiency and safety.

The company is a key high-tech enterprise and software enterprise of the National Torch Plan. He has participated in drafting and compiling several national standards and benchmarks for power meters, such as GB/T 2264-2008 Installed Digital Electrical Measuring Instruments, JB/T 10736-2007 Low Voltage Motor Protector, GB/T 15576-2008 Low Voltage Complete Reactive Compensation Device, GB/T 2287-2008 Residual Current Action Relay, etc. As of December 31, 2016, the company has five trademarks, 174 authorized patents and 113 software copyrights. ACR network power meter is listed as a national key new product, and the company is listed as one of the key enterprises of smart grid industry by Shanghai Economic and Credit Commission.

The company is located in Jiangyin's production base-Jiangsu Ankeri Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is the first to adopt lead-free production technology in the intelligent electric power instrument industry, and the production and testing equipment has reached the leading level in China. It is a pilot enterprise of Jiangsu Province's integration of two modernizations by using advanced information management system. It has a well-functioning product test center, which can carry out environmental, electromagnetic compatibility and safety. Many kinds of tests, such as sex, reliability, etc. Strict implementation of ISO 9001 management standards in the manufacturing process guarantees the industrialization and large-scale implementation of the company's products.

Ankeri Trademark and Products have been awarded Shanghai Famous Trademark and Famous Brand Products. The products are widely used in Shanghai World Expo Project, Guangzhou Asian Games Project, Costa Rica National Stadium Project, Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Rail Power Monitoring, Dunhuang 10MW Photovoltaic Demonstration Power Station, Bank of China Pudong Data Center, India 500,000 tons of coking and other major projects at home and abroad, winning a better market.  Field reputation.

Ankeri Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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