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Province China Investment Group Co., Ltd. to Alex Hua Tian research
source:管理员 time:2016-04-28
March 30 afternoon, the Gansu Province, state owned Assets Investment Company Limited Deputy General Manager Wang Wenxiu a line, in Tianshui municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, politics and Law Committee Secretary Zhao Weidong, city of industry and Information Committee Director Wang Xianglin and other relevant personnel escorted to Huatian Electronic Science and technology park to conduct research.
Deputy general manager Wang Wenxiu, visited the Huatian Electronic Science and Technology Park 8# workshop of exhibition hall and the production site, heard the introduction of the Huatian Electronics Group's development process and the production and operation situation, the scores of Huatian Group has given high praise, also hopes to strengthen cooperation between each other.
Group party secretary and chairman of the union Zhang Yuming, Song Yong, director of science and technology, the company's chief financial officer, accompanied by research.

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